Rebel Park

Who we are

Ilenia, a ski instructor and a restaurateur, and Daniele, a mountaineer and a restaurateur, have been managing the Crête Sèche Refuge (2410 m.a.s.l.) for more than 15 years. Following this experience, they renovated their grandparents' house in Chez Chenoux to open a restaurant with rooms that respect the surrounding environment and the physical and spiritual health of the guests. And thus, Alpe Rebelle was born.
"Each mountain is a delicate and unique environment, with an ecosystem to respect and to enhance; the natural environment that characterizes it is also our primary source of sustenance. And for these reasons we believe that it is paramount to raise awareness of the issues related to sustainability in the mountains ".
Therefore, together with their four children and all their families, Ilenia and Daniele went on to create a new business that allows them to live in an original way. The Rebel Park adventure park is built between rocks and trees, which allows one to get to know the natural elements of the mountain while having fun. The aim is to let people have fun and thus bring them closer to the world of the mountains and then slowly discover the real mountain, too!

The mountain
"For me, the mountain is life, fun, passion and suffering that intertwine to create a vortex of unique sensations that I have no words for. Even more mysterious is the feeling of attraction that inextricably binds me to it".

Daniele Pieiller
Ilenia and Daniele

Ilenia and Daniele