Rebel Park


A charming and welcoming valley where nature meets human presence creating an environment that is still genuine and pure.

Nestled between mountains, Valpelline is covered with green pastures in summer and quiet and whiteness in winter.
It is perfect for those who are looking to have a holiday in nature and for those who appreciate eco-sustainability. Valpelline is suited for rediscovering the genuine sensations and flavors of the mountains and their traditions.
Surrounded by high mountains and glaciers, Valpelline houses some of the most famous 4000-metre peaks of the Alps, including the Dent d'Herens, the Tête de Valpelline and the Gran Combin. It is a microcosm to be discovered and explored: in summer on foot along beautiful trails and exciting trekking routes, in winter on skis or snowshoes along itineraries that wind through the majestic and snow-rich environment.
If you are looking for tranquility, peace and relaxation, but are also passionate about trekking, mountaineering, ski mountaineering and snowshoeing, Valpelline is undoubtedly a fantastic discovery for you.
We are waiting for you at Espace Alpe Rebelle and ready to share our appreciation for our Valley and its beauty as well as the sensations of living in the high mountains in the Aosta Valley.
Panorama - Valpelline

Crête Sèche Hut