Rebel Park

Espace Alpe Rebelle

The Seven Steps - Espace Alpe Rebelle Manifesto

1 We believe that the mountain, its animals and its people must live with dignity while helping others to do so. Therefore, all visitors must keep in mind not only the past but also the future.

2 Following the footsteps of our ancestors, we cherish all good habits related to the careful use of resources provided by the delicate environment in which we live. Recently, the old ways have been rediscovered using new technologies and good practices for sustainable environmental and economic management have been established.

3 The excellent quality of the air, water, and land in Bionaz as well as local produce are the cornerstone of our economy and philosophy. The food we offer is simple, genuine and delicious.

4 We help our visitors understand the responsibility of our choices and behaviors as well as their own. Therefore, we also invite them to become part of the life of the community.

5 Our place is healthy, serene and tranquil; it is in a close contact with the nature that surrounds us, carefully cared for up to a certain altitude and completely uncontaminated above 2,200 m. We offer our customers different experiences, sensations and time away from stress, chaos and pollution of the metropolises. We strive to restore the positive energy that only nature and a healthy environment can inspire in human beings.

6 Our authentic and distinguished wellness centre is located outside. There you can regenerate your five senses by surrounding yourself with the calmness of the woods and breath in pure air, while letting your eyes take in the breathtaking view of the immense space around you, or alternatively the total darkness of the night, and listening to the sounds of the mountains alternating with its long stretches of silence.

7 We offer our customers diverse activities that allow them to learn and experience the traditions of the past, the culture and the knowledge of the present as well as get a glimpse of the future in the mountains. These activities include but are not limited to enjoying the cuisine and the quintessential ambiance, engaging in inspiring conversations, researching the library, and going on exciting excursions.
Espace Alpe Rebelle